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Who is B-Craft?

Let's start at the beginning. Who are we? 
A look inside what drives us and why we do what we do.

Bespoke Craftsmanship.
Belgian Crafts.
Beautiful art pieces.

Versitility wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. Like many other creatures in the aquatic world, B-Craft boats combine power, strength and performance with breathless elegance. True gems. A jewel, engineered by a family of water enthousiasts. The B-Craft family are all children at heart and passionate lovers of the sea. This is why we named our first and flagship model to the pearl Akoya, which translates to 'children of the sea'.

Our first model is developed in Belgium, with 'a little help from our friends' on location. With cities like Antwerp as Belgium's famous fashion capital, or Bruges that offers timeless beauty and products like our famous Belgian chocolate, 'taste' is in our DNA. We translate our given feeling for modern elegance to the design of our crafts.
We answer to the need of versitility. We are not singular beings, so why should our crafts be? As layered as humans are, so are B-Craft boats. Their functionality promises high rewards when one comes on board our crafts. When we embark on great adventures, why not do it in style? Why should we give in to harsh compromises and force ourselves into discomfort? The way we communicate with water should not be in discomfort. It should not direct us into corners we cannot get out of. We should be free. Like the flow of water. Free of all worries, free of all concern, free of all stress. A journey in a B-Craft is an escape to a better place. A place where anything can happen, where anything is possible. By your standards.

You decide your limits, if there are any to begin with. Your sky is our limit. Take your B-Craft Akoya with you wherever you want to go. Organise an aperitive, have dinner, go to a restaurant or better yet, get towed on waterskis or wakeboards, or even an inflatable. No waves to jump? B-Craft Akoya creates them for you. Get your blood pumped or relax. Jump high or lay low. Go nowhere, or everywhere. Freedom. Satisfy yourself to do anything.

Or nothing at all.

The choice is yours.

B-Craft – Akoya

Akoya pearls can be translated to 'children of the sea' and are known for their champagne tone and perfect round shape.

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