B-Craft  is the realisation of our dream. This first model is the Akoya named after a Japanese pearl. These Japanese pearls translate to 'children of the sea' and are known for their beautiful champagne undertone and their perfectly round shape.

B-Craft Akoya combines the power and versitility of a ski-/wakeboat with the luxury and comfort of a yacht and offers you the best of these worlds. You will find the latest technologies on board with ultimate automation and durable materials. Did we mention we are the first European builder to offer the Volvo Penta Forward Drive?

Unique features


Third generation boat builders

B-Craft guarantees craftsmanship thanks to our generation-overlapping experience and passion, from our partners Vennekens and CMDL, experts in the area of custom boat bulding. 


Semi-custom platform

The hull and the B-Craft Akoya's special features are what define its DNA. Everything else is open to discussion. We invite you to sit down with us and discuss your next project on three levels

  • Level 1: Fabrics and colours
  • Level 2: Custom parts and accessories.
  • Level 3: Lay-out



Through the development years, we have built up a vast network and we are able to source the best materials, globally. Our craftsmen work meticulasly to provide a platform to make these materials stand out the way they deserve to.



Sports are all about performance. No matter if you want to ski, wakeboard, surf the wake, even just drive the boat across the waves, or watch it all from a lazy chair, The B-Craft akoya offers you a joyous mix of pleasure, comfort, luxury and water fun for the ultmate boat trip.



Wherever possible we we kept durability in mind. You can find a whole series of durable products on board the B-Craft Akoya; from resin to rope. For instance, there are 2000 recycled bottles incorporated in the construction of 1 B-Craft Akoya.


Pure freedom

No need to have your water holiday in the same place all the time. The B-Craft is fit for trailers and is perfectly seaworthy. This means you can get anywhere, anytime you want to. Tow it behind your car or store it in your superyacht garage. Where are you taking your B-Craft Akoya first?

Boats in the harbor are safe, but that is not what they are meant for.

Zig Ziglar

The secret ingredient of B-Craft is undoubtedly passion. A passion for water. A passion for flowing lines. A passion for building floating master pieces.

A passion for perfection.

The profile hides the power that lives inside the B-Craft Akoya. She radiates times of opulence, opportunity and riviera lifestyle & fashion with an elegant, yet broad-shouldered stance. As soon as she starts to move, the soft lines suddenly change into bolts of action. The silence becomes the storm. And no storm ever felt so good.

The character of the B-Craft lurks in her rest, as well as her action. Form and function perfectly blended together.

Bekijk onze opties

A blank canvas... has unlimited possibilities.

Stephanie Perkins

B-Craft Akoya is a semi-custom platform. Her defining character is the only aspect that is set. Her personality. How you want to do that is completely up to you. There are no limits, only possibilities.

What will it take to make your B-Craft Akoya truly yours? How can we make it your dream boat?

Please have a look at the specifications below and get in touch to discuss the possibilities in more detail.


Length Overall (LOA)

8,6m / 28ft

Breadth Overall (BOA)

2,55m / 8,4ft

Cruise snelheid (knopen)


Max speed (knots)




Weight (without trailer)

2,5 tonnes

Grey Water Tank


Fresh Water Tank


Ballast Tanks Fwd


Gasoline Tank (l)


Elec Power (l)


Weight (with trailer)

3,3 tonnes

Bimini top




Engine Room Hatch












Cooling Drawer







Fuel Inlet


Wall Power inlet






Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Helen Keller

An overview of everything that is included in the base price: More than 50 unique items. This base equipment list can be completely adjusted to your needs and preference.

  • Volvo Penta Motor (430 pk)
  • B-Craft Engineered Hull
  • ‘Forward Drive' Propulsion
  • B-Craft Start Sequence

  • Spring Loaded Console Seat
  • Passenger Seat 
  • Fridge 
  • Grill + Sink
  • Fold-out Bimini Screen
  • Slide-out Lower Windscreen
  • Landing zone
  • Handrails 

  • Zipwakes
  • Navigation System
  • Glass bridge
  • Classic Gauges
  • Connection through app
  • Sensors
  • Optional automated fenders
  • Autopilot
  • Automatic functiions
  • Bow thruster
  • Automated anchor

  • Fresh water tank
  • Grey water tank
  • Optional Ballast tank
  • Large Fuel tank

  • High-grade materials
  • 3D-printed details
  • Integrated lighting

  • Innovative storage space 
  • 2 cooling drawers
  • Picnic basket drawer
  • In-/uitklapbare droogrekjes
  • 2x drawers
  • Door bins
  • Large storage space 
  • Anchor pocket

  • The Rig
  • Automated swimplatform
  • Ladder and hooks
  • Shower
  • 12V power supply
  • Camera
  • Storage space 
  • Springplatform

I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.

Alain Gerbault

With the B-Craft Akoya, we offer you a semi-custom platform: we provide a base, our character, while you take care of the finishing touches. How you do that, is completely up to you. We gather your input and go to work with it. There are no limits, only challenges and opportunities. Do you want a different lay-out, other specs or even another size? It is all possible.

We're open to wild ideas, such as:

  • Underwater LEDs
  • Underwater Cameras
  • Rocket launchers (for fishing poles)
  • Personalised harpoon set

Together with your inspiration, we get to work on your customised B-Craft Akoya. We will always try to this in the most durable way. With that promise, we would work with resin containing recycled plastic bottles, or consider engine choices that benefit the goal for a better environment.

We can produce everything to your specific wants and needs, because we have the latest technologies at our disposal. We can even 3D print the furniture.

The only limit is your own imagination.

Lawrence Jones

1 boat, endless posibilities.

Below you can find a grasp from the images of the build of our prototye B-Craft Akoya; the Silver Surfer. Can you already imagine what your B-Craft Akoya will look like? Let us know here.

Having only one option is not an option.