Our story through the years




Children of the sea

Water coloured our whole lives. A lot of that has to do with the history of our family.

Roeland and Isabelle fell in love during their studies. In 1986, Isabelle's family taught Roeland to waterski for the first time. He caught the bug immediately. Their love for water and eachother was the basis for the family Van Aelst. A gang of true aquaphiles.

Their children enherited that love for water and swam where and whenever possible. Joris in particular found the water itself very fascinating, and appreciated very early on the opportunities that it offered. "The combined elements of sports, leisure and the idea of pure freedom are the definitiion of ultimate living to me.

B-Craft to us is returning to that feeling on the water. The feeling of holidays, affection and leisure.




Children grow up

As our lives progressed, our norm changed more and more. Our boat also grew a few sizes larger, but still, the limitations of a production boat became more and more noticeable. We unconsciously began to admire the classic boats from a distance. In the search for a new boat, we looked for something that combined our many needs with an aesthetic that reminded us of these riviera times.

We hugely admired passing skiers and wakeboarders, who showed off amazing tricks while being towed by a ski boat. The boats themselves were unfortunately less to our liking. They are often too striking, though very functional, but unfortunately not really seaworthy.  

The more classic dayboats were of course elegant and symbolised 'la dolce vita' on the water. However, these boats did not have the functionality we were looking for. While being perfectly fit for an aperitif on the water, the sportive options were limited.

So once again, we started dreaming of a new boat, but we could not find what we really wanted.

Meanwhile, Joris transformed his holidays into his studies...




A study of beauty

Joris: “I have always been a firm believer that the aesthetic of our environment impacts us and how we feel. If that interaction with whatever we touch, see, feel and hear is not given the necessary attention, the experience will never feel truly authentic.

The knowledge I gained from my academic background in arts, architecture and practical experience as a naval architect and superyacht designer, were easily applied to our unique, never-seen before innovative boat, the B-Craft Akoya.

B-Craft to me is passion. A passion to challenge the known, to not fear the unknown and to come out on top. A passion for boats, quality and functionality. And most importantly, with gusto!"




B-Craft Akoya

While Joris gained experience in the superyacht industry, it used to be a running fantasy that he would be able to design our very own boat. In 2016, as we found no suitable candidates, the 'what-if' was no more and we started the design phase. In the years that followed, the dream was steered into a clear direction, through extensive market research and specific production knowledge.

Where production boats would offer different fabrics or colours, we are now building something we truly recognise ourselves in. Something that creates that authenticity. From function to form to sustainability... every detail has been tailored to our specification.
We want everyone to enjoy this freedom and decided to build a brand out of this concept, where everyone can have the freedom to build a one-of-a-kind boat that leans perfectly toward their specific habits on board.

Our personal approach is 'key' here. Every customer will be part of the B-Craft family in their own unique way.

B-Craft is our dream come true. And now it can be yours too.

B-Craft – Akoya

Akoya pearls can be translated to 'children of the sea' and are known for their champagne tone and perfect round shape.

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To build a boat wherein you recognise yourself and where you can utilise the interity of your own utopian world on the water. That is what we want to achieve with B-Craft.

Joris & Roeland