It's thanks to our reliable partners that we can build the most qualitative boats. They have been there since the start and influenced its path ever since. Fun fact: CML, BYD and Joris have another connection; they're all Yacht and Powercraft Design graduates.

Having successful projects operating from both our UK and UAE hubs in locations such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, Marine Supply can offer clients a unique geographical advantage, delivering a bespoke yet efficient service in this fast paced industry.

A young company, based in the Netherlands. Oozing with boating passion, they create and restore beautiful crafts with the knowledge of centuries of dutch boat building. We are very pleased that they will be finishing the prototype of the B-Craft Akoya.

Composite Design Mouldings are a family business based in Southampton, UK. Their close family connection with BYD made it very easy to communicate or push through some last minute changes. CMD does not just execute, they think with you how to optimise the building process, both in terms of quality and economics. For B-Craft, they developed a new, cost-effective way to construct the plugs. Please feel free to get in touch if you want to know more.

Jami sailed the seas for years to get inspiration from other yachts. After his grand adventures, he ventured out to design his own yachts for Buckley Yacht Design in Southampton UK. Currently expanding overseas, this family business takes care of the construction and hull refinement of your B-Craft Akoya.

Our friends at Custom Marine Development are responsible for most of the automation on board the B-Craft Akoya. They are specialised in custom systems and are well known within the superyacht industry. A pleasure to work with, we are proud to have them so deeply involved.

Our friends at Hollander YD&Visualisation created the first mind blowing visuals for our B-Craft Akoya. Without even giving too many direction, they immediately understood the assignment and created images that oozed the spirit of our the brand itself and the purpose of the B-Craft Akoya.

Other partners

Wee work with many capable partners to build the boat to the perfectioon you deserve. We even use 3D printing technology to manufacture furniture to your fit.

B-Craft – Akoya

Akoya pearls can be translated to 'children of the sea' and are known for their champagne tone and perfect round shape.

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A boat is nothing without water and a man without his dreams!

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