Boat Show | Cannes Yachting Festival 2023


A great success

We have had a fantastic Festival at Cannes. Please read along and share in our experience at the most prestigious festival of Europe in its class.

A strange feeling, instant success.
This year marked our return to the Cannes Yachting Festival for the second time. The first time, in which we showcased a scale model, was already a major success, but this edition was different.
We arrived at the show with the same idea as last year; when the Festival opens its doors, most of the early people come with a purpose. So, not everyone necessarily stopped at our stand for a chat in those first 10 minutes.
Not this year.
As we were still puffing up some pillows or storing away a bag, we turned around to see our stand flooded with interested people. Unprecedented. From that moment, we never saw the B-Craft stand empty. A sight we got used to, but never tired of.

We have met so many interesting people and heard so many passionate stories of how people were involved in boating and how the B-Craft Akoya spoke to them.
From being a Superyacht tender, to an island hopper, a luxurious dayboat or a waterski boat, our prototype found an audience. Astoundingly, most people’s reaction was:

“Why has no one done this before?”


As builders, we mainly focus on the technical aspects, especially during the build. For that reason, before the Festival started, we were mostly weighing in how the technical challenges would impress the visitors.
“People will LOVE our patented skipole system”… and they did.
“People will ADORE the 3D printed grills”… and they did.
“They will BE AMAZED by our custom built anchor system”… and people were.
However, what visitors did even more, was check out the beautiful lines of the B-Craft Akoya, highlighted by an incredible paint job. They would comment on the gorgeous details and the rich materials we have used on board. Where we would focus on making a working product, visitors would compliment on decisions we already made a while ago about design and user friendliness. It made us appreciate the B-Craft Akoya again on a different level. That appreciation turned almost immediately into a burning energy to continue our journey.

The Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 confirmed what we already suspected; we are creating what any customer demands.

And we are doing it well.

B-Craft – Akoya

Akoya pearls can be translated to 'children of the sea' and are known for their champagne tone and perfect round shape.

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