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Introducing our website

A while ago, we contacted Maesmedia to design a website that identified with our brand. Fun, yet classic. And new! Although we barely had a design of our first boat, the B-Craft Akoya, we gave the order anyway. While the B-Craft Akoya and the larger website was being built, only an introduction page was to be seen as our website.

We have ironed out the uncertainties of the build of our first prototype and are now ready to fully introduce her to the world, backed up by a beautiful new website, delivered by our friends at Maesmedia, whom we are very grateful to.

Let’s walk you through it.

On the main page is of course a general overview of who we are as a company and what we are trying to achieve with the B-Craft Akoya.

To fully understand what lead us to this point or why we decided to found B-Craft, we are presenting you our inside story HERE

At the top of any page you can also find the tab ‘Akoya’, where you will find all the relevant information you need about our first model, the B-Craft Akoya. On that page, there are several tabs on which you can click, which will guide you to several noteworthy aspects that define the boat for the amazing concept that she is.

We are very excited to share more news and stories with you while we finish building our extraordinary flagship model, the B-Craft Akoya. Be sure to check this page regularly if you want to stay updated!

We like to introduce the people that had the biggest influence on how the B-Craft Akoya turned out to be. Reliable companies-now friends- worthy of a shout-out!


Are you a supplier or do you want to get into business with us, there is a dedicated contact page for you to get in touch.

Are you a buyer, a browser or do you wish to know more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to go to the interest tab and let us know how you feel about the B-Craft Akoya!


That’s it for now, folks. A short first news story, but a very exciting announcement nonetheless. Feast your eyes on our new website and do not hesitate to get in touch!


B-Craft – Akoya

Akoya pearls can be translated to 'children of the sea' and are known for their champagne tone and perfect round shape.

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